Our Mission

If you love your dog like we love our dogs, there’s no question that you want them to be safe and protected. But life can get so busy, right? And all it takes is one second for something to happen, and suddenly you and your best buddy are separated.

Our mission is to make sure that if the worst happened, you could be rest assured that your pooch would be back in your arms as soon as possible.


Find. Scan. Reunite

You love your furry friend and have a healthy, happy relationship with them. But what would happen if you got separated? We have built a platform for pet owners to showcase their pet's unique personality, health conditions and owner contact details. Their profile can be accessed directly from our Pet ID tags via a QR Code or web link. Our identification tags are more than just an ID tag, they're a visual representation of your pet. 

So go on! Take your pooch for that hike... With a Lost and Hound ID tag, your pet’s health and safety is always in good hands!


Peace of mind for pet owners.


We think it’s pretty pawfect!


Create a detailed profile for your pet

We’re the smart way to keep track of all your pet information in one spot! It’s super convenient for storing important information to pass onto pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, vets, and anyone who may find your pet when lost. Lost & Hound pet tags help to ensure their needs are met and they experience less stress until they are reunited with you, their favorite person in the world!

Let Us Help Find Your Pets

Our tags have a unique QR code on them that contains all the information about your dog anyone who finds them might need—including what they might need to know about their health conditions or dietary restrictions. This ensures that instead of ending up in a shelter or wandering the streets, they can be taken care of until you find each other again.

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Designed to last a lifetime

Our pet ID tags are more than just a pet tag, they're a visual representation of your pet. Lost and Hound ID tags are designed with care and quality materials.  Not only should a tag be designed to identify your pet, but also to last for many years!