Jess McDonell, the founder of Lost and Hound, is a dog mum on a mission to keep our furry loved ones safe. The Queenstown local has designed both a product and online community for dog (and cat!) owners to trust and connect, to keep our four-legged family healthy and safe.

To alleviate a small bit of stress that is involved when the unfathomable happens (a.k.a. our pets getting out), she had a lightbulb moment: an ID tag that could be scanned via a QR code and it takes people to a custom-made profile page of your lost loved one.

The inspiration came from Jess’s worry about how her dog Poppy’s reactive behaviour could prevent people from knowing how to shelter her and keep her safe in the unlikely event that she got out. Like many dogs, Poppy can become hostile towards other animals if put in a situation where she is afraid. Other pets have serious health concerns or allergies that could be addressed if a person were able to quickly learn more about the lost pet.

That’s how Lost and Hound was born! Soon after, Jess made identification tags with her lovely Poppy as the front-facing logo and unique QR codes on the other side. Her vision developed into an opportunity for an online space that could provide information relating to your fur family’s health, behaviours, and other pet-friendly resources.

Why Lost and Hound?

Founded in 2021 from Queenstown, Lost and Hound is a hub for like-minded pet owners to support each other. We believe that life is better with pets and are adamant about advocating for collars and ID tags on every animal. We owe it to our pets to be responsible pet parents and proactive in ensuring their safety.

When you choose an interactive pet ID tag from Lost and Hound, you are choosing peace of mind. Lost and Hound pet tags provide a special place for you to update your furry friend’s family. They’re long-lasting, durable and reliable, so your pet will hopefully be found quicker and undergo less stress.