August 17th 2022

Pet Obesity, It's a thing!

Pet obesity is a big problem,

but unfortunately excess weight in our pets is something that a lot of people don’t see as an issue. Not only this, but it’s actually something that otherwise caring owners can contribute to, causing their animals unnecessary suffering. This Pet Obesity Day (yes, it’s a thing), let’s take a closer look at this very real problem, and meet two impacted animals currently in our care.

While most animal lovers are quick to recognise and condemn underweight body conditions in animals, unfortunately the same cannot be said for responses to excess weight in pets.

On the contrary, many owners deem overweight animals as well loved and well provided for… if perhaps a little spoiled by their humans. Many consider overweight animals to be cute, glorifying their “chunky” size and in so doing turning a very real welfare issue into a joke.

Obesity in animals can lead to many health problems including arthritis, diabetes, skin problems, cardiovascular disease, and increased anaesthetic and surgical risks. It is also likely to compromise their exercise tolerance and predispose them to overheating.

Animals are suffering senselessly under the guise of being spoiled with treats and extra portions. It’s a serious problem, and one we need to talk about. 

IF you want to learn more about how to combat pet obesity, or read some success stories, check out the rest of this story from the SPCA website.