November 7th 2022

Flying with pets?

Flying around New Zealand with a dog


As summer approaches and more Kiwis book getaways, here’s a quick guide to taking your furry friend on an Air NZ flight with you. Stuff Travel Editor Trupti Biradar says it’s easier than you might think.


You’ll need an airline compliant carrier that’s large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around. There are also rules around locking mechanisms and ventilation - check online before purchasing. Spend some time getting them used to it if they are not crate trained.

The next step is to let your travel agent, or Air NZ know you want to travel with a pet before you book. If your tickets are already booked, you’ll still need to call and let them know your dog’s name, age, breed and weight when in the carrier.

Your pet is counted as one piece of checked-in baggage, so remember to buy an extra bag beforehand so you’re not lumped with an extra baggage fee.

Get to the airport 60 minutes before departure and head to the “special assistance” or oversized luggage counter, pay the pet carriage fee of $75 for pets up to 25kg and $100 for over that. This fee is on top of the extra bag you’ve bought.

Airline staff will check your crate is IATA compliant, lock it with cable ties and check the weight. Say goodbye to your pooch here as they’ll be taken to quiet area before being loaded onto your flight. They are placed in a climate-controlled area of the aircraft.

On arrival at your destination, head to the oversized baggage belt, where you’ll be reunited with your buddy. You’ll need scissors to cut off the cable ties. Have plenty of treats ready to reward your pooch and that’s it, you’re ready to explore a new destination!




Source: Stuff