August 29th 2022

Prep your pooch for a new baby!

Picture the future of your family with safe and happy children and pets.


Starting that relationship right and valuing what your pet needs before the arrival of a baby is an important part of a long and happy relationship.



Ask someone to take your dog out for a long adventure walk, at least once a week. This gives your dog a good run around to burn off their energy and enjoy time outside, and gives you a break to focus on your baby for a few hours.



Have plenty of food for yourself and your pets stored in the house to allow easy in-house enrichment for them and nutritious readymade meals for you.



Spend 5–10 minutes cuddling your pooch each day. They appreciate your attention and it is a good way to calm yourself if struggling with the demands of a baby.



Invest in a baby wrap or sling to allow you to move around the house and interact with your pets with free hands, making it easy to toss treats and hand out toys to them without balancing a baby.



Play music and audio books for everyone to relax to every day. Bonus extra – make sure you have a secure covered bin for those dirty nappies to keep nosy noses out of those discarded poops!